3 Attitudes That Help Improve Your Finances

Eyes up Soldiers! Years ago, Zig Ziglar said that “It is your attitude, more than your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.” Attitude is the gateway to unlocking your potential. This should be top of mind when it comes to money. Your attitude towards money can make or break your financial stability. There are 3 key attitudes that can help you improve your finances. Being faithful. Being available. Being teachable.

Being Faithful

To be faithful is to remain steady in allegiance. To be loyal and constant. Turning around a bad financial situation or maintaining good money habits requires faithfulness. Paying bills on time every time. Sticking to a budget you’ve committed to. Investing money out of your paycheck for the long haul. Saving a specified amount monthly towards a purchase goal. Paying off debts in a certain timeframe.

Being Available

When you commit to change your money habits, you must be available during the process. There are two primary classifications of availability: 1) Physical Presence 2) Mindful Presence. Let’s say you’ve realized you needed help learning how to manage money and you contact a financial advisor, counselor, or coach. Asking for help is one thing. Going through with the process and SHOWING UP is another. When you arrive, your mind shouldn’t be wandering off. Focus comes from the elimination of distractions. Silence or turn off the phone. Lock in and live in the moment of learning.

Being Teachable

Being teachable is a factor of openness. If you want to get better at something, find those who excel at it and ask how they do it, then apply what they do. The business world calls this concept a “best practice.” If how you previously handled money wasn’t working, it’s time to put down the pride and ego and try something different. The great Albert Einstein once said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

Soldiers, we’ve reviewed what it means to be faithful, available, and teachable in our finances. Time to put these attitudes into practices. Which one of these attitudes do you struggle with the most and why? What steps can you take to become more faithful, available, and teachable with how you handle money? Oorah!

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