The 6 Fatal Faces Of Fear

Perhaps the most crippling force on Earth is fear. It hinders so many people from finding their purpose, reaching goals, and taking steps of faith. Fear is like the boa constrictor snake: it squeezes the life out of you. Fear can be conquered, but you must first identify its source and impact. We’re going to break down the six faces of fear that affect you personally and financially.

Fear of Missing Out (AKA “FOMO”)

One of the most common kinds of fear is the notion that you are missing out on some type of resource, event, or experience. It’s rooted in a misunderstanding between needs and desires. A need is what’s required for one’s well-being. Needs are mandatory. A desire is something that is hoped, wished, or longed for. Misplaced desire can highlight loneliness as well as extreme obsession.

Fear of Failure

Society loves heroes and success stories. What’s often overlooked is the obstacles people overcome along the way. The truth about success is that failure is part of the journey. Fear of failure generally stems from people not wanting to make mistakes. American inventor Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the lightbulb. Consider the impact the lightbulb has had throughout the course of history. Edison viewed failure as learning. Author John C. Maxwell says that “Failure is an inside job.” True failure comes from the belief that failure is part your identity. Failure also occurs when you choose to quit. Fear of failure can be rooted in a person feeling like they are “a nobody.” Remember, everyone is “a somebody” because we are all human. We are all part of God’s creation.

Fear of Repeatability

We all have memories we’d like to forget. Pain, struggles, and trials. Unfortunately, some of us are unable to move beyond these negative experiences because we’re afraid of repeating history. The trauma associated with the past can paralyze our ability to grow.

Fear of Success

Believe it or not, some people are afraid of being successful because they think it will bring out the worst in them. Fear of success is rooted in one’s propensity to self sabotage. A few tell tale signs of self sabotage are imposter syndrome, procrastination, and self medication (drugs, alcohol, comfort eating, etc.).

Fear of The Unknown

Want to see people really tremble? Leave out predictability. Detail + Clarity = Certainty. Guess what? The unknown has none of these. Fear of the unknown creates mental blocks because the outcomes are outside of one’s control. The unknown forces people to examine their self-belief.

Fear of Feedback

One of the most daunting thoughts that consistently traverses the human mind is what others will say or think. In this high tech, information age, we are more connected than ever through social media. Yet, anxiety and depression cases are on the rise at record levels. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to feedback. The “beholder” often is afraid feedback will somehow expose them. This is a false sense of reality though because observation and evaluation is how we improve.

Bottom line: fear is a liar. When thoughts of fear pop into your mind, learn to “put the thoughts on trial.” Fear = FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. It’s now time to act on punching fear in the face. Which of these fears do you struggle with? What actions do you need to take to overcome your fears? Oorah!

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