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The 3 Principles of Stewardship

Soldiers, we know that the definition of stewardship is faithfully managing the resources you’ve been entrusted with. But what aspects of stewardship make it so effective? Let’s fall in line to examine three vital principles of stewardship. Stewardship is Leadership Modern day management science informs us that leadership is influence. John Maxwell simply states that […]

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The Envelope System: An Effective Way To Eradicate Overspending

Attention Soldiers! Debt and his four generals (Fear, Ignorance, Entitlement, Comparison) are spreading a deadly toxin called “overspending” across the land. It’s wreaking havoc on the population because they don’t use a spending plan. Over 70% of Americans reportedly live paycheck to paycheck (NerdWallet). We must guard against this contagion strategically and tactically. We’ve already […]

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