Transform Your Money E-Book

If you want to go where you’ve never gone, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. Don’t conform to how others handle their money, but rather transform how you manage your money.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Stewardship Defined
  2. The Jericho Conquest: A 7 Mission Strategy For Your Money
  3. 4 Functional Uses Of Money
  4. 4 Walls That Hold You Back From Financial Freedom
  5. 3 Weapons That Fight For Your Financial Freedom
  6. 4 Crucial Steps To Making An Important Financial Decision
  7. 3 Decisive Reason To Save Money
  8. 4 Types Of Emergency Funds
  9. 5 Stages Of Debt: Where Do You Stand?
  10. Love & Money: 3 Relational Views Of Money
  11. 8 Necessary Types Of Insurance
  12. Important Money Stats To Consider

Most people find themselves in one of the following five positions financially:

  • STRUGGLING – “Not able to make ends meet.”
  • SURVIVING – “Living paycheck to paycheck.”
  • STABLE – “Saving some with an emergency fund.”
  • SECURE – “Saving for long-term goals.”
  • SURPLUS – “More than enough.”

Where are you on the Margin Meter?

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