Grow Spiritually, Financially, & Professionally

Prioritize Your Faith In The Marketplace

The Problem: Living For God Sunday But Acting Like He Doesn’t Exist Monday

Many mission-driven people want to honor God in the workplace but struggle with separating their faith from business and money.

The Barriers:

FEAR – Working From A Scarcity Mentality

IGNORANCE – Lack Of Understanding Biblical Business & Financial Principles

ENTITLEMENT – Misaligned Thinking About Resource Ownership

COMPARISON – Striving To Keep Up With The Jones’

The Solution:

We help you prioritize your faith in the marketplace so you can flourish spiritually, financially, and professionally AKA “Live The Fortified Life.” You’ll learn how to blend your faith with your work and your finances.

What Is “The Fortified Life?”

“The Fortified Life” is built by developing a dependency on Jesus in ALL aspects of life (Spiritually, Financially, & Professionally).

How Does One Attain “The Fortified Life?”

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