Fortify: The Book


Fortify: Being Rooted in God’s Plan For Work And Business

The mounting pressures of work environments are causing Christians to comply with the world’s way of handling business, rather than changing the business climate with their faith. Fortify: Being Rooted in God’s Plan For Work And Business is Christian Literature for Christian business owners and employees desiring to learn more about God’s significance in the workplace.

Readers will learn why they work, who they really work for, what business accomplishes when it’s conducted in a Godly fashion, and how the world’s business acumen borrows from the ultimate source:  God’s Word. Grounded in scripture, Jason Davis will take you through an insightful exploration of ten business concepts, including purpose, stewardship, leadership, values, planning, human resources, teamwork, conflict, rest, and continuous improvement.

The world says a lot about business, but God says more. Don’t conform to the world’s way of doing business. Transform by doing business God’s way.

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