How Jericho Force Serves You



  • Jason helps you reach your full potential by serving you with spiritual wisdom in finance and leadership.



 Fortify+ Membership Community
  • Come gain wisdom, clarity, and growth in a powerful community where you will learn to move with intentionality and blow the cap off your God-given potential.



 7/10 People Live Paycheck to Paycheck Experiencing Financial Hardship
  • We’ll help you take the stress out of money so you can live a more peaceful quality of life.
  • 6 Month Coaching – You know the fundamentals, but need to close the gaps
  • 12 Month Coaching – Instill fundamentals, create a spending plan, and walk with accountability



 Do You Have a Profit Blueprint?
  • As a profit first professional firm, we specialize in serving Christian business owners wanting to grow their significance, maximize their cash flow, and painlessly pay their taxes.



  • Within our all of our programs, we assess behavior using the DISC Assessment: 1. helping individuals improve performance and develop emotional intelligence (EQ). 2. helping teams reduce conflict and find better ways of working.

DISC Outcomes

  • Learn what your DISC Personality Temperament is and how it impacts others
  • Grow your self-awareness
  • Take action with a comprehensive Personal Development Plan