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  • Over 70% of Americans reportedly live paycheck to paycheck, experiencing financial hardship. Jericho Force provides 1 on 1 financial coaching, helping people take the stress out of money, so they can live a more peaceful quality of life.

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4 Walls That Keep You From Financial Freedom

In this insightful presentation, Stewardship Coach Jason Davis delivers the following:

  • Learn what the 4 Walls are and why they are so dangerous to your financial well-being
  • Learn the 3 strategic weapons needed to lead an assault on the 4 Walls
  • Learn a 7 mission plan for your money that leads to financial freedom

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Stewardship doesn’t just apply to money. It also means getting things done.


  • Are you a WOMAN who…
  • Can barely keep up with your calendar?
  • Do you run from one appointment or event to another?
  • Do you apologize to everyone for being late or forgetting things?
  • Are you tired…all the time???

Check out our sister website Virtuous You to learn how to manage your time effectively so you can do more of what you love.

 MASTERMINDS (Group Coaching)

  • What is a mastermind? Coined by acclaimed author Napoleon Hill in 1925, a mastermind is a peer to peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from others.
  • Stewardship doesn’t just apply to money, it’s also Leadership. Learn how to increase your influence and become a high impact, transformational leader with a group of like minded “personal growth junkies.”

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Stewardship doesn’t just apply to money, it involves building high value, high impact Teams.

Self Awareness and Teamwork Workshop

  • Learn what your personality temperament is and how it impacts others
  • Learn how self awareness unlocks better ways of working with others
  • Understand what it takes to be an ideal team player
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